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Introducing Todd Bodnar, Owner of Dakine Homes

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Meet Todd Bodnar, the president and founder of Dakine Homes. Incorporated in 2006, Todd has created a national award winning company well-known for its outstanding commitment to building environmentally responsible and sustainable homes. Long before the push for green building practices started to take root, Todd had already established a company that could not only meet those needs, but one that would excel beyond the highest levels of professionalism and integrity within the industry.

Why is Environmental Leadership Important to Dakine

To sum it up in one word – Integrity. Todd's uncompromising commitment to quality is a comprehensive, value based approach that isn’t measured in dollar amounts. In a market strongly driven by profit, it is easy for companies to take short cuts along the way to increase their bottom line. Many associate environmental sustainability with expense however, it is quite the opposite. When we prevent physical waste, increase energy efficiency or improve resource productivity, we in fact save money, improve profitability and bring about true value for our customers.

Taking an environmental integrity approach not only provides our customers with a home that looks nice but one that was designed to operate efficiently, provide long term suitability and leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.

The Dakine Difference

Dakine Homes is the only builder in Saskatchewan to be a member of BuiltGreen Canada, a National program implementing the highest standards in sustainable building practices across the country. Todd is also a Director of the Board at BuiltGreen, promoting continuous education and advanced building practices for a hollistic approach to building sustainable communities.

Through a commitment to excellence and a dedication to professionalism, Todd Bodnar and Dakine Homes have continued to exceed industry standards by forming strong professional partnerships based on integrity, ingenuity and reliability. These characteristics have enabled Todd and his company to become one of the most recognized and respected names in residential contracting.

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