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Custom Features


Custom is often a word that is loosely thrown around in the housing industry but it should mean more than the ability to choose your finishes or move a wall in an existing plan. Custom means one-of-a-kind, specifically designed for a specific client.


Let’s take that a step further - what happens when Creativity meets Innovation? Well, a request for an office barn door means we not only make one from scratch, we use a cedar tree that had been curing for 50+ years and we mill the lumber ourselves. We then took the scraps from that project and created a custom built raft for a photography client – making sure no part of that beautiful, 50 year old tree went to waste.


Another client had twin boys who had never slept apart before so we created a “secret” door between their rooms to keep them connected. How about a craft table for kids or the client who wanted an automated tv stand – no problem, we made both from hardwood flooring scraps. For one client, we brought the outdoors inside and created an indoor waterfall. We surprised another client with a play room built into the dead space between the first and second floors - we even hid the doorway within the wainscoting of the stairwell.

Stepping outside the box, inventing something useful from what would otherwise be considered waste, creating those special touches for our customers is what we do best. Best of all, we were able to meet the clients specific need at no extra cost to them!

Innovation is anticipating the client’s needs or desires and then finding unique and unusual ways to meet those needs. Whether it’s repurposing the old and inventing something new or finding unique and creative solutions to meet the needs of the customer, Dakine Homes has taken the practical implementation of the term invention and made it into something that has a meaningful impact on our clients.

Hidden playroom
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